Remote coaching and feedback

Have you previously struggled to train for events because you even though you found a training plan that was OK, you just couldn't quite follow it? Perhaps you struggled to motivate yourself after a few weeks? Or maybe things started to go awry but you just didn't quite know what to do about it?

Coaching and feeback from a distance is the ideal choice for you if you want a personalised training plan based on your current running performance AND you want someone to be accountable to and guide you along the way. I can help you by writing such a plan for you, and giving you ongoing feedback and support.



Your tailored remote coaching and feedback package will:

  • be based on an initial conversation with you, in which I'll find out all about you and your running; your goals, your current strengths, your training preferences and so on
  • provide you with a detailed training plan that will build your running progressively towards your goal, delivered via the online coaching platform Training Peaks
  • set out clearly exactly what running you need to do each week, how and why
  • provide you with ongoing coaching, support and feedback (weekly or monthly) via your choice of phone, email and/or Zoom

If you are local to Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire or Leicestershire, you have the option to combine your remote coaching package with some face-to-face coaching too; ideal if you need some hands-on support and guidance with putting the plan into practice.

Whether you feel a remote coaching package on its own would be right for you, or whether you would like to combine it with some face-to-face sessions, please contact me to discuss your requirements.



"Thank you so much Rachel for all your coaching since January. You made the long easy runs key, and after training consistently for my first trail half two weeks ago following your training plan, I am rewarded with a new parkrun pb. I thought a time starting with 28 was a long way off!"

Nikki, coaching and feedback from a distance