Coaching through menopause

Are you peri-menopausal and noticing that you just can't run as well as you used to, or even to run at all? Perhaps you are post-menopause and feeling like your running days are over? If so, you are most definitely not alone.

As you move through your menopausal years, the fluctuating, and then flatlining, of your hormones can impact your body in ways you may never have realised they would. In turn, this can have a really negative effect on your running - if you feel like trying to run at all, that is. From putting on weight to poor sleep and fatigue, from joint pain to increased injuries, and much more, the symptoms of menopause can make you want to hang up your running shoes for good.

Having gone through this journey myself over the past few years, I've learned that there is another way. Menopause does not have to mean the end of running, nor the end of running well. Having struggled with weight gain, insomnia, frequent niggles and injuries amongst others, I've spent time learning and trying out new approaches to training. The result? I'm stronger and fitter than I've been for years, my running times have come right back down, and I've had to buy a whole new wardrobe of smaller clothes!

Now I'm using all that I have learned and had success with to help women like you run well through and beyond the menopausal years. Read on for how I can help you.


Coaching packages:

To help you have the best possible experience of running through menopause and get the most from your coaching, all coaching packages are tailor-made to meet your needs. Coaching packages can include:

  • bespoke training plans
  • phone/email/zoom support and feedback
  • face-to-face training sessions (for runners in the Notts/Lincs/Leics area only)

If you are interested in a coaching package, please contact me to set up a phone call in which we can discuss your needs and what will work best for you.


Group coaching - coming soon!

"I'm loving the way we are training. I feel so different when I'm running now, so much stronger in myself".

Sara, 1:1 coaching

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