Face-to-face coaching

Are you struggling with your running in some way? Perhaps you have been running for a while but are finding it hard to run further or faster? Or maybe you have struggled to run at all and would like to get started? Perhaps you find it a real challenge to pace yourself well, to breathe, or to make it to the top of the hill? You might be training for an event and in need of some guidance and support to help you meet your goals.

Face-to-face coaching is the ideal choice for you if you want some hands-on, practical support with your running, and you are based in the Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire or Leicestershire areas.

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Your tailored face-to-face coaching package will:

  • be based on an initial conversation with you, in which I'll find out all about you and your running; your goals, your current strengths, your training preferences and so on
  • focus on the exact aspects of your running you'd like to improve
  • take place in a location that suits the aspect of your running you'd like to work on

Whether you feel some face-to-face coaching on its own would be right for you, or whether you would like to combine it with some coaching and feedback from a distance, or a personalised training plan, please contact me to discuss your requirements.



"Your 1:1 hills coaching session was worth its weight in gold. It totally changed the way I approach hills (up AND down) for the better."

Sharon, face-to-face coaching


"Rachel is the most encouraging, inclusive, confidence-building run coach, and I am so very grateful for all the time she has spent helping me. Now I know that I CAN do it!"

Nicki, face-to-face coaching