Face-to-face coaching is a fantastic way to move your running to a new level. Whether you opt for a one-off session to work on a specific aspect of your running, or choose a series of sessions to seek even bigger improvements, you'll soon reap the benefits!

One hour face-to-face coaching session

This is the option for you if you'd like some face-to face 1:1 coaching, for one or more sessions. You might already have something specific in mind that you'd like to work on (such as your hill-running technique, navigation skills or speed), or maybe you'd like some help in identifying what you need to work on next. You're welcome to book a one-off session or a series, whatever works for you, and if you'd like to talk through what you want before booking, do please get in touch.

£35 per one hour session

£160 for 5 one hour sessions

One hour face-to-face coaching session for two

If you'd like to share the cost of coaching with a friend, why not take advantage of our '2 for 1' offer? Come and train together for an hour and pay less!

£50 per hour

£200 for 5 sessions