If you have a question about taking part in any Mud and miles trail running activity, you are likely to find the answer below. If you can't find the information you need, then do please get in touch.

What are the terms and conditions of me taking part in a Mud and miles trail running activity?

You can read the full terms and conditions here but in a nutshell, you need to be fit enough to take part, dress appropriately, follow the Countryside Code and take responsibility for yourself.

I've booked and paid for a run / session but now I can't attend? Can I have my money back?

You can read the full payment and refund policy within the terms and conditions, but in summary, yes, in most (but not all) circumstances you will be entitled to a refund if you give enough notice (usually at least 24 hours). Refunds will be made via the booking / payment system.

I'd like to come on a guided run but I'm worried I'll be too slow. What can I do?

Everyone who can run is welcome on the guided runs; you do not need to be able to run at a certain pace. There are always plenty of chances to regroup at gates and stiles, and there will be photos stops too! Depending on the range of the ability of the group, faster people may be asked to loop back or wait at certain points, or even given an extra loop to run.


Can I bring my dog on a run?

I'm sorry but dogs are not permitted on any of our activities.

Can I bring my children on a run?

Most activities are adults (over 18s) only. The exception to this is occasional family guided trail runs, where children of all ages are welcome provided they are accompanied by an adult. These runs will be clearly marked as family runs.

I'd like to have some coaching but I can't see quite the option that would work for me. Is it possible to have a different combination of sessions?

Yes! The coaching packages listed are just a selection, so if you'd like something else, please get in touch to talk about what you would like.


I'm interested in booking you to lead a private session for my club / group of friends. Is that possible?

Yes! I'm quite happy to do private runs, coaching, skills sessions and even weekends away for a group. Let me know what your requirements are and I will work out the options for you.


I'm concerned about my privacy when using your website. Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, Mud and Miles is fully GDPR compliant and has a privacy policy.