Getting the most out of parkrun

Are you a parkrunner? Do you put yourself under pressure to run a PB every week? Here's how you can take the pressure off and improve your running at the same time too!

2 thoughts on “Getting the most out of parkrun

  1. Hi, I am a very mature (!) lady runner and have been running for the past 23 years. I still do fairly good distances, this Sept and Oct I completed GNR, York 10 mile and Workshop Half. I have run the Paris Marathon too. I am a member of Doncaster Athletic Club. I have decided next year I want to do mainly trail runs/ races and would appreciate yr advice as to which group to join. I am very interested in yr guided trail runs. I have done Sherwood Pines 10k, Turbary 7 mile and Tickhill 6 mile trail races. I am just very cautious of going out on trails alone as I have only lived in S York’s for 18 months and don’t know the area very well. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jeannette, thanks for your enquiry. I will email you at the address you have provided with my thoughts. Best wishes, Rachel

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