My aim with Mud and Miles has always been to help you as much as I can with your trail running in every way. For some of you, that means providing support and guidance through guided runs; for others, I give the help you need through various forms of group and one-to-one coaching. Whatever I do, I aim to do it in a way that gives you great value for money.

Mud and Miles therefore offers several 'membership' options to you. It's not a club; Mud and Miles is not affiliated to England Athletics, nor will it be. Many of our 'members' are affiliated to clubs elsewhere.  We do have a kit but any of you can buy and wear this, 'member' or not!

The 'membership' options are simply a way for me to provide the best value I can for you. Some of my services are membership only (the coached improvers' group and aqua running classes); this is because those of you who commit to coming regularly will make the most gains. You can join others, such as guided runs and skills sessions, as one-offs. 


There are 'memberships' available to cover:

  • guided running only
  • improvers' group
  • aqua running
  • everything (almost!) Mud and Miles (including guided running, improvers' group, aqua running and skills sessions)

If you are interested in taking a 'membership', please contact me to talk through the current options available.