One-to-one coaching

Do you simply want to run longer, faster or both? Are you looking to take your first steps as a runner but don't have the confidence to join a running group? Have you been running for a while but feel that your progress has plateaued? Do you keep getting injured but don't know why? Or have you got a race or event planned that you are unsure how to train for? Maybe you are simply looking for some accountability - someone to keep you on track?

Working with you on a one-to-one basis, I can help you:

  • make a successful start to your running career
  • build on your strengths and identify areas for improvement
  • improve your running technique, including key skills such as warming up and cooling down, pacing, hill technique and stretching
  • implement a training programme that fits your lifestyle
  • keep on track with your training
  • become a stronger, faster runner
  • reduce your risk of injury

If you are a woman and struggling with training through your menstrual cycle, peri-menopause or menopause, I can help you with female-specific coaching strategies, support and advice.

All 1:1 coaching is tailored to suit the runner you are and the goals you have, regardless of your experience or ability. Depending on your needs, and your location, I will help you through one or more of the following:

For more information about each of the options, follow the links below.